Register to Vote

You can only vote in elections if your name is on the register of electors. The register is updated annually but we can also add names throughout the year.

Moved home? Coming up to 18? Not on the register?

All you have to do is fill in a voter registration form. This can be found in the further information box below.

The two versions of the register.

We hold and publish two versions of the register - the full register and the edited register.

The full register

The full register lists everyone who is entitled to vote. Only certain people and organisations can have copies of the full register and they can only use it for specified purposes. These include electoral purposes, the prevention and detection of crime and checking your identity when you have applied for credit. The law says who can have a copy of the full register and what they can use it for. The full list of people able to see it, and for what purposes, is given in the Representation of the People (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2002 (available from the Office of Public Sector Information). It is a criminal offence for them to pass it on to anyone else or to use it for any other purpose. The full register can be checked at the Town Hall, Great Yarmouth. However, anyone checking the full register must be supervised and they may only make hand written notes. Anyone wishing to make an extended search should telephone 01493 846548 to make appropriate arrangements.

The edited register

The edited register leaves out the names and addresses of people who have asked for them to be excluded from that version of the register. The edited register can be bought by anyone and it may be used for any purpose.