Register to Vote

A change to the way you register to vote – Individual Electoral Registration

From June 2014, the way you register to vote will change. The new registration system is called ‘Individual Electoral Registration’.

How is the new system different?

Previously, the ‘head of every household’ was responsible for registering everyone who lived at each address. They would do this by completing or checking the annual canvass form that is posted to properties by local authorities every year. When the new system is introduced unregistered people who want to register to vote will need to register by filling out an individual form. Under the new system people will be able to register to vote using a new online form.

Will I need to do anything?

Most people who are already registered to vote will not need to do anything when the change takes place. They will be registered automatically under the new system. We will write to these people to let them know the change has taken place and that they are registered as an individual.

However, a minority of people who are already registered to vote under the existing system will need to take action to make sure they are registered under the new system. We will write to these people following the change to let them know what to do. There will also be advertisements about the change when it is introduced.

How do I register?

Registering is quick and simple. An application for voter registration can be made online through the Government digital service by going to or by contacting us for a form.

Each application for registration will include the applicant’s date of birth and national insurance number, these are sent for verification against Government records. Once we’ve checked your details we’ll send you a letter or email to confirm if you’ve been added to the Electoral Register.

Your vote matters – make sure you’re in.