Parking Tickets

Our civil enforcement officers patrol on-street parking, as well as the Borough Council car parks.

Penalty charge notices will be issued if you fail to comply with the parking regulations.

Please follow this link to pay or challenge a parking ticket

Please note: Great Yarmouth Borough Council will never ask you for your date of birth when making any online payment.

For further information on civil parking enforcement in Norfolk, please follow the useful link.

To report illegal parking on roads where there are parking restrictions (yellow lines, time limited waiting, etc) you should get in touch using the contact information.

Please note that obstructions on roads where no parking restrictions apply should be referred to Norfolk Police. Please follow the useful link to their website.

Sharing Information

All of our car parks are inspected regularly and penalty charge notices are issued if the rules which are clearly stated on the notice boards are not complied with.

The information that we hold may be shared with other organisations that are responsible for the auditing or administering of public funds, in order to prevent and detect fraud. The code for data sharing can be found at the Audit Commission website in the useful links.

We are a member of the Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London (PATROL) joint committee. The committee publishes an annual statement of accounts which is subject to external audit and this can be found on their website in the useful links.