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Selective Licensing Scheme

With what Selective Licensing conditions do I need to comply?

The proposed Selective Licensing conditions include the six mandatory conditions required under the Housing Act 2004, which may be included in all housing licences. These require minimum legal standards and obligations with respect to:

  • gas
  • electrical appliances and furniture
  • smoke alarms
  • tenant references
  • terms of occupation
  • carbon monoxide alarms

The proposed Selective Licensing conditions also include additional conditions that a Local Housing Authority may apply to Selective Licences; there are 16 such conditions requiring reasonable standards and obligations with respect to:

  • furniture and furnishings
  • fire safety
  • terms of occupation
  • property repairs
  • energy efficiency
  • number of occupiers
  • security
  • alley gates
  • external areas
  • refuse and waste
  • management of antisocial behaviour
  • competency of licence holder
  • absence
  • compliance and cooperation with the authority
  • disclosure and notification/consultation of changes
  • removal from The Home Safe Scheme

As the Council is the Licensing Authority, these Selective Licence conditions will apply to all licences, whether the licence has been gained through membership of The Home Safe Scheme or from directly licensing with the Council.

You can view the conditions in full here (PDF) [268KB] (opens new window) .

Last modified on 02 March 2022

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