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E-scooter trial


From Tuesday 30 March, people can hire electric scooters to get around Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and Bradwell in an environmentally-friendly way, thanks to a trial designed to support a 'green restart' of local travel.

Replacing shorter-distance journeys that might otherwise be undertaken by car, e-scooters offer the potential of an affordable, reliable and sustainable means of travel during social distancing, while cutting carbon emissions and pressure on public transport.

The Council has partnered with authorised e-scooter operator Ginger, which is initially providing 35 e-scooters and 50 parking bays (see map in the dropdown below). People can only use the authorised Ginger-branded scooters that are part of the official trial and must stick to the roads or cycle paths. The use of other e-scooters that are not part of the official trial remains illegal in public places.

The trial zone covers residential areas and key commuter routes within Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and Bradwell, as well as both seafronts and other key employment areas, including the James Paget University Hospital, Northgate Hospital, Harfreys and Gapton Hall industrial estates and South Denes.

How to get started

For everything you need to know about booking an e-scooter and riding one safely, please read our frequently asked questions. Information is also available on the Ginger website.

Where can I find an e-scooter parking bay?

You can find e-scooter parking bays at the following locations in the Borough:

How can I leave feedback?

Riders are encouraged to leave feedback as part of the trial via the app, as well as make suggestions or comments about the trial area or parking bay locations. Anyone can also send feedback to

How can I ride an e-scooter safely?

You can visit the Ginger website to learn how to safely ride an e-scooter. 

How can I report e-scooter misuse?

Ginger logs all reports of e-scooter misuse and operates a three strike policy, with a one strike policy in place for serious circumstances.

If you are witness to someone using an e-scooter irresponsibly, please report it to Ginger at and provide the date, time and location of the incident.

If there is a serious risk to health and safety, please report it to Norfolk Police as well.

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