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Stock Condition Surveys

Throughout 2023, the council will be carrying out a stock condition survey to all homes. The surveys will commence in May 2023 and finish at the end of October 2023.

What is a stock condition survey?

A stock condition survey is a visual inspection of the inside and outside of your home; it takes around 30 minutes. The surveyor collects information on the condition of your home, so we can plan possible future improvements.

Why are we carrying out this survey?

A stock condition survey helps us to comply with the Government's 'Decent Home Standard'.  It helps ensure all homes are safe and maintained to the decent standard. The results of the stock survey will be used to help us understand the work required in the medium and long term to maintain your home. We are assessing our buildings for planned future repairs, maintenance and improvement work.

Who will be carrying out the survey and when will mine take place?

Arcus Consulting has been appointed to undertake stock condition surveys and their surveyors will have an ID badge. If you have any doubts about who is visiting please call Arcus Consulting directly to confirm the surveyors identity on 01924 669000.

You will receive a letter from Arcus Consulting when your area is scheduled to be visited including the name of the surveyor carrying out the survey. The letter will propose a period of time they are conducting surveys in your area. They will knock on your door during this time, however if you are not in please contact Arcus Consulting to arrange a specific date and time:

Surveys will take place Monday to Saturday. 

Frequently asked questions

I've been told someone wants to carry out a survey on my home. Why?

We're carrying out surveys on all our homes to help us to understand and plan for work that might be needed in the future, as well as to ensure our homes are safe and maintained in good condition.

What will the surveyor be looking at?

Items that will be looked at include the condition, age and predicted renewal date for:

  • kitchen and bathroom
  • roof coverings
  • insulation in the loft space
  • condition of external walls
  • boundary fences, adjoining public land
  • fascia, soffits and gutters
  • painting to any previously painted external areas
  • external doors, windows and canopies

Do you need to come inside my home?

Yes - Arcus, our appointed surveyors will need access to the inside and outside of your home. They'll be contacting you in the coming weeks to arrange a time to visit. All surveyors will carry a photo identification card and a letter from us confirming that we have asked them to visit.

How long will it take?

The survey should only take around 30 minutes.

Can I refuse to have a survey done?

To be accurate, the survey needs everyone to take part. The survey is important to keep your home safe and in good condition and supports us to plan ahead to improve and maintain your home.

I'm really unsure about letting someone in my home?

The surveyors are professional and completing a routine survey to help us and you. You can arrange to have someone at home with you when we call.

Does this mean I'm getting an upgrade?

Not as part of this process. This is a data collecting exercise to better understand the condition of all homes and to ensure that when we do carry out upgrades or refurbishments, we do so in the correct order and at the right time.

Will I get a copy of the survey results?

The results will be supplied to us and once the survey of all homes is complete they'll be compiled into a plan of work. This plan will set out the replacement works we need to undertake and an estimate of the costs across the next 30 years.

What if I am out when the surveyor calls?

If you're not at home when the surveyor calls, a card will be left with contact details, so you can arrange another date directly with Arcus. The first call will be made without making an appointment, so please don't worry if you miss this.

I want to speak to someone about the survey. What should I do?

Please contact Arcus directly for more information about what the survey is about.

Are you planning to sell my home?

No, this is just to understand the current conditions and help us plan ahead.

Last modified on 07 September 2023

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