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Sustainability Strategy


Sustainability requires us to think about the long term. Recognising that, the choices we make today are important in ensuring that Great Yarmouth continues to be a place that supports a thriving, sustainable community and a high quality of life. The pressures of human development have created an imbalance, leading to climate change, pollution of waterways, and loss of biodiversity, which in turn threatens the resilience of natural systems we rely on. To address these issues, the Council has produced a Sustainability Strategy that will guide our efforts in the next years to enhance sustainability and carbon reduction in the Borough.

The Council's strategy focuses on reducing carbon emissions, managing natural spaces to support nature, and promoting sustainable choices among the local population. The approach taken is pragmatic, prioritizing areas where the Council has the greatest potential to make a difference. By leading by example, the Council aims to inspire others to take action as well.

The Council has identified three strategic priorities to achieve all of our sustainability goals:

  • Priority 1 - The Climate Challenge: GYBC becomes Net Zero by 2035
  • Priority 2 - The Nature Challenge: GYBC works to protect and enhance the Natural Environment of the Borough
  • Priority 3 - The Waste Challenge: GYBC works to reduce waste created in the Borough

The Council recognizes that this strategy marks just the beginning of a long journey towards sustainability. We view this journey as an opportunity to bring the community together, strengthen their connection to the local environment, and set an example for others.



Last modified on 27 July 2023

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