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Open - Local Plan options consultation

The Local Plan options consultation opened on 06 January 2023 and will close at 23:59 on 17 February 2023.

This consultation seeks your views on some of the key matters that the new Local Plan will need to contain. The consultation comprises a series of questions to help the Borough Council prepare the Local Plan.   

The consultation seeks views on:

  • how much development we should be planning for
  • where that development should go
  • what infrastructure is needed
  • what planning policies we should have to manage new development

The consultation also seeks views on potential sites for development that could be allocated for new housing, commercial and other types of development and help meet development needs. These sites have been submitted to the Council by landowners, developers and the community through the call for sites consultation and through the direct engagement of landowners. Please note, more sites have been submitted than will need to be accommodated in the borough, and therefore many of the sites presented in this consultation will not be needed to meet development needs. We are publishing all of the sites submitted with no pre-filtering on potential suitability. This is so everyone is aware of all the possible options and have an opportunity to consider and comment on them at this early stage of Local Plan preparation. 

As part of this consultation the Council welcomes further sites to be submitted for consideration for allocation in the new Local Plan. Details of how to make comments and view the relevant documents can be found on the current planning consultations page. 

Last modified on 06 January 2023

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