How do you prefer to contact the Council?

Local residents are invited to take part in a short survey to provide details of how they prefer to contact the Council. Your views are important to us and the results of the survey will help us to ensure that we are meeting our customers' needs.

    1. How do you currently contact Great Yarmouth Borough Council to request a service? (Tick all that apply)
    2. What time of day do you like to use these services?
    3. Are there other services you would like to see available online/within My Account?
    4. We are working towards making access to services easier online, as this allows our customers 24 hour access with no waiting on the phone or in the office. What is the most convenient time of day for you to interact with us to request services?
    5. As you don’t currently use the available online services, is there anything you would like changed that would encourage you to use them more?
    6. As you would like to be shown how to use the online services, please give us a few details so we can contact you
    7. You have indicated you do not wish to use our online services - please identify the reason(s) for this
      1. Please tell us which of the services below you would like to see accessed on our website through a secure password login, and which you feel do not need a password login:
    8. What would be your preferred method for us to keep you informed of the progress of your requests once you have made them?
    9. How often would you like to be updated once you have made a request to Great Yarmouth Borough Council?
    10. Have you used the Council’s new telephone information service for benefits, Council Tax and recovery?
    11. On a scale of 0-5, where 0 is the least and 5 the most useful, how useful did you find the service?
    12. Did the information service provide you with what you needed to resolve your query?
    13. Would you be happy to use the information service again?
    14. What is putting you off from using this service again?
    16. Privacy
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