View my bills, benefits, sundry debts and direct debits (Open Access)

Log into My Account if you already have an account AND have completed Open Access registration.

Once you have signed up for My Account and registered for Open Access, you can view your accounts for:

  • Council Tax
  • Business Rates
  • Housing Benefit claims
  • Sundry Debts

Sundry Debt invoices are raised if:

  • the Council has provided you with a service for which there is a fee
  • you have received an overpayment of Housing Benefit

The invoice reference number will either start with a 22 or 33. If you have an invoice with either of these reference types you can use this facility to view your account. For any other invoice reference type, you will not be able to view it via this facility.

Please see our Sundry Debts page for further information.

Direct Debits

This service will enable you to sign up to pay your Council Tax or Business Rates by Direct Debit. If you already pay by Direct Debit, you will be able to change your bank details or payment dates online. You can also choose to receive your bills by email.

Please note: we will review your request and if it is accepted we will send you a revised bill. This will normally be sent the next working day. You must continue to pay your Council Tax or Business Rates as normal until you hear from us.

You can sign up for, or amend, your Direct Debit online. It is best to do this via My Account through Open Access. However, if you do not have these accounts, you can complete this Direct Debit application/amend payment form.

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Why do I need to register for Open Access as well as My Account?

Open Access is a separate service which allows you to view your accounts for Council Tax, Business Rates, Housing Benefit claims and Sundry Debts.

How do I register for Open Access?

To view these accounts online, you need to register for Open Access, which is provided as part of the Council's My Account service. Register for My Account if you have not already done so.

Once you have received your My Account user ID and password, click the 'Log in' link at the top of the Council's website:

My Account log in screen
[My Account log in screen]

Next, you need to register for Open Access. Locate the appropriate service box in My Account. For example if you have a Council Tax account, locate the section called Council Tax and then click View my council tax account from the options on the right (desktop users):

My Account - View my council tax account
[Desktop view]

(Device users will need to click on the Council Tax section which will then lead to another screen with the options from which to select View my council tax account.)

You will next see the Welcome to Your Accounts Log In screen:

Open Access log in screen
[Open Access log in screen]

If you are a resident, click on the register for Open Access link at the foot of the above screen. If registration is successful, you will be sent a further user ID and password via email that you will need when logging into Open Access.

If you are not a resident of the Borough but have accounts with us, you can also register for Open Access to view your Sundry Debt Account.

How do I register for Open Access if I am not a resident of the Borough?

Non-residents (or customers that only have a Sundry debt account with the Council) should Sign up to view my Sundry Debt Account. After successful registration, you will be sent a user ID and password via email that you will need to log in to view your accounts.

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