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Run a Council service


The community right to challenge lets voluntary and community groups express an interest in running a local authority service. It makes sure their ideas get a fair hearing and they get the time they need to prepare effective bids.

Who can express an interest in running a service?

The following can apply:

  • Voluntary, not-for-profit groups
  • Community groups
  • Charities or trusts
  • Parish councils
  • Two or more employees of a relevant authority

You do not need a local connection.

How do I express an interest?

You should write to us, including details of the service your group or body provides and its:

  • Financial situation
  • Ability to provide the service
  • Ability to go through procurement

You should also let us know about any sub-contractors who would be delivering parts of the contract. We will then consider the application and - if we accept it - go through a normal procurement exercise.

We will always advertise opportunities - and let you know how long you have to apply - on our website.

Can you reject my application?

Yes. We can reject it if we feel you are not able to provide the service, the service no longer exists or it is already the subject of procurement. We will also reject the application if we think it would cause legal issues.

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