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Protecting people and the environment

Hemsby emergency works

Update on the ongoing emergency works at Hemsby, with details of how to find out more.

Conservation areas

A conservation area is an area of special architectural and historic interest. Great Yarmouth Borough Council has a duty to assess those areas that are considered to fall within the above definition and to name them as conservation areas.

Drains and drainage

Blocked drains can cause a number of problems.

Food safety

We are responsible for making sure the food produced, handled and sold in Great Yarmouth is safe, correctly labelled and meets legal requirements.

Neighbour nuisance

If someone is doing something that is seriously interfering with your right to enjoy your home and is affecting your wellbeing they may be guilty of statutory nuisance. Statutory nuisance is defined in the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and is a criminal offence.

Nuisance vehicles

Councils are only able to enforce regulations where parking restrictions exist. If there are no regulations in place but vehicles are parking in a dangerous position or in circumstances that cause an obstruction, then the Police should be asked to deal with the matter.

Pest control

GYB Services, our operational partner, offers some services to control pests in domestic premises.


Get advice on various pollution related issues from water quality / air quality and contaminated land to industrial pollution and detailed information on permits for industrial processes

Protecting trees and hedgerows

Certain trees, groups of trees or woodland are protected to main areas of natural beauty or importance. Find out which trees are protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and how to apply for permission to carry out work on protected trees.

Public Spaces Protection Orders

Current Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) issued by Great Yarmouth Borough Council in respect of anti-social behaviour.

Report a street problem

Information on how to report graffiti, fly posting, abandoned vehicles, stray dogs or dog fouling.

Winter power cuts

Guidance from Norfolk County Council on what to do if there is an unexpected power cut.

Norwich and Norfolk Eco Awards

Now in its eleventh year, the Norwich and Norfolk Eco Awards recognises unsung environmental individuals, projects and schemes with a strong ecological or environmentally-friendly ethos, and groups and organisations which can show they adopt a sound eco approach to their business.

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