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Consultation plays an important role in involving people and allowing people to have their say on a range of issues, helping the borough council to further improve services and to make more informed plans and decisions.

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Closed - Housing Allocation Scheme

At Housing and Neighbourhoods Committee on 21st March 2018, Members agreed to approve the revised Housing Allocations Policy subject to consultation with registered providers and stakeholders, full details of all changes are available as below:

pdf icon Great Yarmouth Borough Council Housing Allocation Scheme (2018) [269kb]


Our current scheme was adopted in 2011 and revised in 2014. This latest review takes into account changes in legislation such as the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017.

The key changes proposed are:

  • Revision to introduce income and capital limits for applicants.
  • New criteria for exclusion where an applicant has previously exercised their right to buy or right to acquire a social housing property.
  • New criteria where an applicant is exempt from the residency criteria.
  • When a local letting plan is used to allocate to a new scheme priority can be awarded to working families who may not qualify under the substantive scheme.
  • Reduced priority where an applicant is subject to a duty under the Homelessness Reduction Act but is not cooperating with their personal housing plan.
  • Removing the ability to express a preference on type of property for 3 months after an applicant has been accepted into the allocation pool.
  • Head of Housing to be given delegated  responsibility within the Council's constitution to approve allocations to employees of the council, Members, Board Members of Housing Associations and their relatives.

Before we finalise the way forward to its implementation we would welcome any comments from individuals and/or stakeholders on our revisions to the Housing Allocations policy. 

This consultation was open for a period of 28 days until 8 May 2018.

Closed - Housing Strategy 2018-2023 Consultation

At Housing and Neighbourhoods Committee on 18 January 2018, members agreed to move forward with the Borough Council's Housing Strategy for 2018-2023. We are now seeking views from stakeholders and the wider community on the strategy and what should be included in its implementation plan.

The Housing Strategy covers all housing, rented and owned, and recognises the contribution the right mix of good quality and well managed housing (and good advice and support) can make.

We are keen to take a positive approach to actively making things happen in the borough, not just leaving it to the open market.

We have identified four strategic objectives to meet current and future housing requirements in Great Yarmouth:

  • New homes - ensuring there are enough good quality new homes
  • Our homes - improving the quality and use of the council's housing stock
  • Decent homes - providing a good mix of decent homes across all tenures
  • Healthy homes - meeting the needs of vulnerable households

This strategy expands on these four key priorities, highlighting our ambition and our approach to delivery. The strategy is underpinned by a strong evidence base. Both documents are available below:

The ambition to transform the housing market in the borough will require many agencies and local communities to work together to make it happen and we would welcome your views on how this can be implemented.

Before we finalise the way forward to its implementation we welcome any comments from individuals and/or stakeholders as to how this should work in practice. 

If you would like to give us your views, please do so by completing our online survey.

This consultation will be open for a period of 28 days until 24 April 2018.

Closed - Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2018/19

We are now conducting a consultation exercise for next year's scheme - please complete our survey to take part. The survey is open from 27 July 2017 until 18 October 2017. Please note that the proposed changes will only affect people of working age.

Closed - Draft Masterplan for Great Yarmouth Town Centre

Great Yarmouth Borough Council is consulting on a new vision for the town's central area, which aims to make it more attractive for residents, visitors and investors.

The draft Masterplan, developed through an initial consultation that took place during summer 2015, illustrates how Great Yarmouth's unique and historic central spaces can evolve over the coming years to strengthen the whole town centre as a commercial and cultural hub, meeting the needs and aspirations of communities and the challenges all town centres face.

This is the longer term element of the borough council's Town Centre Initiative, which has already achieved much in just one year to boost footfall, spend and the local economy, including enhanced town centre events, better marketing, visual and environmental improvements, and a shopfront improvement grant scheme.

A three-week public consultation on the draft Masterplan runs from Monday, January 9 to Monday, January 30. People's views will help shape the vision, which includes aspirations and opportunities to lift the town centre's overall offer, including shopping and leisure, housing, transport links and visual appearance.

Note: This consultation ended on Monday, January 30

Great Yarmouth Borough Council approved the final Town Centre Masterplan on Tuesday, May 16, 2017. Click here to read the approved Masterplan. 

Past consultation results

Full results of the Dog Control PSPO consultation

From September 15 to October 17, 2016, the borough council held a consultation to update, under a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO), the dog control measures relating to publicly-accessible land across the borough.

pdf icon Dog control PSPO - consultation results [156kb]

On November 23, 2016, the Environment Committee decided which control measures should come under the new PSPO, including to which sites the different controls should apply.  

pdf icon Dog control PSPO - Table of sites agreed [22kb]

Full results of the Transformation Programme consultation

During 2014, the borough council completed a major public consultation aiming to promote and record discussion about people's priorities, aspirations and vision for the area's future.

The 12-week Transformation Programme questionnaire, followed by informed discussions with residents, councillors and other interested parties, plus ideas submitted by young people, helped develop a strong "vision" for the borough, setting out people's priorities.

pdf icon Read the full consultation results [946kb]

The resultant document, The Plan, can be viewed here

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