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Land and property ownership (with interactive map)


A Land and Property Assets interactive map (opens new window) - providing visual and supporting data relating to the Council's land and property ownership - is available. The map includes colour-coded polygons (yellow, blue, green) to represent different land and property designations.

It is important to be aware that this is a 'beta' version of the software. The Council will evaluate it and may subsequently make changes accordingly.

Ownership is defined in freehold and leasehold terms and in addition the data includes those property assets that have been disposed of (sold) but the council has a 'retained interest' of some kind. For further details not presented in the map and the supporting 'pop-ups' contact Property Services

How do I use the interactive map?

  • Navigate around the map by 'click-hold-drag' when using a mouse or swipe on a tablet/mobile device.
  • Make the map larger or smaller by using the zoom in and out buttons (the plus and minus symbols at the top left of the screen), by using a mouse wheel, or pinching in and out on a tablet/mobile device.
  • Search for a property asset by entering any part of the address into the search box at the top left of the screen. A list of matching records appears below the search box. Select the appropriate record from the list and the map navigates directly to that property with an initial pop-up window of information.
  • Click or tap any of the coloured polygon shapes to bring up the initial pop-up. Note that the 'ConcertoLink' is only available to the Council's Concerto user population.
  • View more information by a double click or tap on the black circle with a white arrow. It is also possible to view this information in table format by clicking or tapping the three dots and then selecting 'View in Attribute Table'. Close the table with a click or tap on the downward facing arrow in the top centre of the table.
  • Click or tap the icon at the top-right of the screen to reveal a 'Layer List'.
  • The icon adjacent to the Layer List brings up a legend of the drawn polygons.

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