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Policies and strategies

Property Acquisitions and Disposals PolicyThis page brings together official documents and policies including our:

List of Great Yarmouth Borough Council's policies
Adaptations policy for Council Tenants

Sets out the Council's approach to the provision of aids and adaptations for Council tenants, who is eligible to receive them, and how they will be delivered.

Anti-fraud, corruption and bribery policyOutlines how we protect against fraud, corruption and bribery.
Anti-money laundering policyOutlines how we embrace the underlying principles of money laundering legislation.
Anti-Social Behaviour PolicyOutlines how we tackle anti-social behaviour with partner agencies.
Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy (2018-2023)Outlines the strategy for tackling and preventing anti-social behaviour over the five year period.
Capital strategyOutlines how capital expenditure, capital financing and treasury management activity contribute to the provision of local public services along with an overview of how associated risk is managed and the implications for future financial sustainability.
Child Protection Policy (PDF) [1MB] (opens new window) Sets out our child protection procedures.
Corporate Asset Management Plan 2018-2022 (PDF) [91KB] (opens new window) Outlines the vision and long-term approach to improve the recognition, management and utilisation of land and buildings.
Corporate Complaints and Compliments Policy (PDF) [207KB] (opens new window) Sets out our approach to complaints, compliments and comments received from our customers.
Corporate enforcement policySets out what businesses and individuals being regulated by the Council can expect from the Council's enforcement officers.
Council Tax Business Rates and Housing Benefits Overpayments Recovery Policy (PDF) [215KB] (opens new window) Outlines how we act to recover public funds firmly but fairly.
Councillors Code of Conduct Complaints Procedure (PDF) [230KB] (opens new window) Sets out how a complaint may be made about an elected or co-opted member of Great Yarmouth Borough Council or the parish councils within the borough.
Data protection policyOutlines how the Council complies with its obligations and statutory requirements under the United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018.
Dealing with Abusive, Persistent or Vexatious Complaints and Complainants Policy (PDF) [269KB] (opens new window) Sets out a standard set of conditions and a framework for complaint handling within the Council.
Digital Strategy 2024 (PDF) [378KB] (opens new window) Sets out our digital vision to become a Smart Borough, where digital will be the first choice for our customers and no one will be left behind.
Domestic Abuse Workplace Policy (PDF) [563KB] (opens new window) Outlines how the Council will support staff experiencing domestic abuse.  
Economic Strategy 2020-25 (PDF) [2MB] (opens new window) Sets out how we will continue to work with partners to drive forward our exciting vision of a strong and growing economy.
Equality, diversity and inclusion strategyThis strategy and the Equality action plan, informed by previous equality strategies and associated equality action plans, is a commitment and a route map of how we will ensure equality is at the forefront of Council services.
Fees and charges policyOutlines the way in which the Council's charging structures are informed and implemented.
Gambling Policy (PDF) [411KB] (opens new window) Outlines how we aim to stop gambling from causing crime or disorder.
Housing allocations scheme 2021Sets out how each application to join the housing register will be assessed on its individual merits, taking into account the needs of the applicant and any members of their household as a whole.
Housing Strategy 2018-2023 (PDF) [92KB] (opens new window) Sets out how the Council will work with organisations in the private and public sector. Also see our  supporting evidence (PDF) [121KB] (opens new window)  that has been used to better understand the housing need in the Borough and, in turn, to shape the strategic aims of the Housing Strategy.
Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Policy (PDF) [281KB] (opens new window) Sets out how staff should report concerns about human trafficking and/or modern slavery.  
Information Requests - Charging Policy (PDF) [184KB] (opens new window) Outlines our policy on charging for requests made under the FOI Act 2000 and will be used as the basis for any calculations for dealing with requests under the EIR 2004.
Investment strategySets out how the Council meets the requirements of statutory guidance issued by the government.
Leasehold Management Policy (PDF) [151KB] (opens new window) Outlines our principles and approach to managing the leasehold service.
Leasehold Service Charge Arrears Policy (PDF) [236KB] (opens new window) Sets out the way the Council manages leaseholder debts in a firm but fair way to maximise its income, ensuring that a consistent approach is taken while taking into account individual circumstances.
Licensing Policy (PDF) [376KB] (opens new window) Outlines how we consider applications for licenses. 
Local Plan Core Strategy (PDF) [16MB] (opens new window) Outlines the vision and objectives for how the Borough will develop and grow in the future.
Locality Strategy 2021-2026 (PDF) [16MB] (opens new window) Outlines the commitment to work on prevention and early help support to improve the lives of the people in our Borough.
Market Licence Policy (PDF) [243KB] (opens new window) Governs the use of stalls on Great Yarmouth market by traders
Media and Publicity Protocols (PDF) [64KB] (opens new window) Sets out practical working practices to support our day-to-day corporate communications and publicity, including media relations.
Mobility Scooters Policy (PDF) [88KB] (opens new window) Outline approach to managing issues with scooters in communal areas and support provided in social housing.
Pay policy statement 2023-24Outlines how we pay our staff. 
Preventing Homelessness and Rough Sleeper Strategy (PDF) [201KB] (opens new window) Sets out how we make a positive contribution by focusing the activities of all relevant local partners to reduce and prevent homelessness within the Borough.
Private sector adaptations and improvement policyOutlines our approach to delivering both mandatory and discretionary grants and loans.
Property Acquisitions and Disposals PolicyEncompasses social housing, market sale housing, market rent housing, commercial properties and land.
Publication schemeSets out how the Council makes information available to the public as part of its normal business activities.
Records management policySets out our commitment to ensuring a systematic, lawful and authorised way of maintaining, storing, sharing, disposing and otherwise processing all our records.
Rent Income and Arrears Policy (PDF) [268KB] (opens new window) Outlines how we manage rent income.
Regulation of Investigatory Powers ActOutlines how we comply with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA). This should be read in conjunction with the RIPA and social media procedure policy.
Risk Management Framework (PDF) [304KB] (opens new window)  Outlines how we identify, assess and manage the risks facing our organisation. 
Rough Sleeping Strategy and Action Plan 2020 (PDF) [518KB] (opens new window) Strategy identified five strategic objectives in relation to preventing homelessness and rough sleeping.
Safeguarding Policy (PDF) [248KB] (opens new window) Outlines how we fulfil our legal duties, taking consistent and effective action to protect those who need safeguarding.  
Sickness management policyOutlines how we aim to provide clarity as well as a sensitive, fair and consistent framework for managing staff attendance.
Sport, Play and Leisure Strategy 2015-2029 (PDF) [1MB] (opens new window) Outlines how we seek to promote physical and mental well-being, and a huge range of activities (beyond sport) that can help in the pursuit of this goal. 
Tenancy Fraud Policy (PDF) [118KB] (opens new window) Outlines approach to investigating fraud in social housing.
Tenancy policySummarises our tenancies and our approach to mutual exchanges and joint tenancies.
Tenancy strategyGuidance to all registered providers operating in the Borough, informing their policies and practices, to produce lettings that meet the Borough's main priorities and specific housing priorities.
Culture, Heritage and Tourism Strategy (PDF) [3MB] (opens new window)

By 2030, we want the borough to be a place where culture and creativity are valued, where it enables wellbeing and economic prosperity plus where visitors come all year-round to enjoy our natural and built environment and engage with our rich and diverse culture.

Treasury management strategySets out details of the Council's treasury management activities and presents a strategy for the prudent investment of the Council's surplus funds. The preparation of an annual Strategy Statement is necessary to comply with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy's Code of Practice for Treasury Management in Public Services.

Void management policy and void standard

Outlines approach to managing void properties and standard of works in social housing.
Warning marker policyOutlines how we comply with our legal obligations in the use of warning markers.
Whistleblowing policyOutlines the process for raising any cases of victimisation or discrimination.
Last modified on 05 December 2023

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