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High Street Heritage Action Zone


Great Yarmouth Borough Council, with Historic England and Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust, is delivering a £1.9m scheme putting heritage and the local community at the heart of revitalising the town centre.

The High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) involves local people in repairing, conserving and building a better understanding of the area's historic buildings and sites, supporting regeneration and recovery, conserving buildings at risk, creating new facilities and giving people new skills.

The High Street Heritage Action Zone is a four-year programme, led by the Council in partnership with Historic England, who have awarded grant funding of £980,743. In addition to the main project partners, there are also a significant number of community engagement stakeholders involved. The HAZ complements the wider investment and regeneration ambitions supported by the £13.77m Future High Streets Fund and £20.1m Town Deal.

What area is covered by the HSHAZ?

The HSHAZ area (opens new window) comprises:

  • the Market Place 
  • the Rows
  • the northern end of King Street

What work is taking place under the HSHAZ?

Projects under the HSHAZ include:

  • Consolidation of the section of medieval Town Wall alongside the Market Place
  • Restoration of the wrought iron railings at St Nicholas Priory Primary School
  • Repairs and improvements to historic buildings in Market Row
  • Repair and reuse of 145 King Street and 6 Market Place
  • Landscaping of the Market Place, complementing the £4.6m Market Place redevelopment already underway 
  • Grant schemes for historic shopfront improvements and historic building repairs
  • Historic digital mapping of the HSHAZ area
  • Uncovering Yarmouth explores the town's historic ghost signs with a trail and booklet

How is the community getting involved?

The HSHAZ will see the project partners work with local groups and organisations to involve the community through a range of initiatives, including hands-on training and workshops in traditional building techniques and skills, as well as research projects and opportunities to engage with heritage through art.

How do I apply for a grant for shop front improvements and building repairs?

Thank you for your interest in the Heritage Action Zone grant.

Unfortunately, the Heritage Action Zone project is coming to an end soon and is not accepting any new applications at this stage. Additional grants may be made available in early 2024.

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