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Bench dedication plaques


This page has information about the process, costs and rules for having a dedication plaque on one of the Council's public benches.

How do I get a dedication plaque on a public bench?

If you would like to enquire about having a memorial plaque attached to a public bench in the borough, please contact Although the Council strives to affix a plaque in the preferred location, this is subject to availability. It takes approximately three to six weeks for the process to be completed.

Please note that some benches are owned by parish councils - the information on this page applies only to Borough Council benches.

What is the fee for a dedication plaque on a bench?

The current fee to supply and fit a brass or stainless steel plaque is £272 plus VAT for an initial period of 10 years, after which you have the option of renewal. A typical plaque size is approximately 6cm x 14cm, which comfortably allows an inscription of four to five lines.

This fee is solely for the dedication plaque, not the bench itself, and no further items are permitted to be placed on, or attached to, public benches. Benches are owned and maintained by the Council, so if at any time they needed to be replaced, any plaque on the seat would be transferred to the new seat.

Am I allowed to put flowers, vases and other items on public benches?

Unfortunately not. The bench remains a public bench, which must be fully available for public seating. No other items are permitted to be placed on, or attached to, public benches. This is to prevent the area taking on the ambience of a dedicated memorial garden which may compromise the enjoyment of the space for general recreational activities.

When items are attached, we know from public feedback that many people are deterred from sitting down as they feel these public benches have become personal memorials. Furthermore, items and methods of their attachment, such as wire for example, can also risk public injury and cause cleansing issues.

The Council does not hold an up-to-date database of plaque purchasers. Therefore, if items are left on or attached to benches where this may present an issue around public use and/or safety, removing the items and leaving them to one side of the bench is the established approach to manage this as fairly and sensitively as possible. The Council is not liable for loss or damage of any items removed.

Can I buy a memorial for my loved one?

Yes, the Council offers a range of options for memorials.

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