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Your New Market Place

Great Yarmouth has been a market town since at least the early 11th century and has recently been redeveloped to offer for market traders a unique place to operate from.

Improving the Market Place is a key project of the wider Town Centre Masterplan, with the Council working closely with partners to revitalise the town centre as a community hub and destination for the future.

Your New Market

A unique design

Great Yarmouth Borough Council has delivered a unique redevelopment of the Market Place, as a key part of the Council's wider ambitions to regenerate the town centre.

The significant significantly improved the covered market structure with new units under an architecturally-striking canopy, designed to ensure the market is more inviting and better complements the historic setting.

Photo of the new market exterior 2023
Exterior view of the Market Place redevelopment

The new structure was designed through public engagement followed by individual detailed conversations with the six-day market traders.  Improving facilities, providing a more robust structure and refreshed units.

The new timber-framed structure has a continuous roof, with panels of slatted glazing to create a brighter and welcoming environment inside, helping to support the market itself, the walkway is now wider, and covered open spaces will be used for a range of purposes such as community events and space for two-day traders and performances.

Photograph of the new covered market from inside the canopy
Interior view of the Market

The centrally located market has welcomed new and existing traders and is poised to greet further traders with Phase Two, which is now completed. The Market Place offers customers an array of products and services including fresh produce, hot and cold food, flowers, crafts, clothing and of course the famous Great Yarmouth chip stalls.

Further information about the Covered Market or becoming a trader can be found under our Market Section..


Public Realm Works

The Market Square events space will be refurbished to support the external market and an enhanced cultural and artistic events space.

Design Concept

The ambition of the project is to produce a de-cluttered space, uniting the newly opened covered market with the 'The Place' and creating an open, welcoming piazza style square. Over the years the marketplace has had many iterations, and these have all left a legacy in some way or other. The idea of the public realm redevelopment work will be to remove the old street furniture which has left a cluttered and busy streetscape, leaving in place a newly paved, cohesive, square, with planters and benches to allow all to enjoy.

The marketplace is central to the heart of the town, hosting a huge variety of events, from the regular 2 Day Market to major events and celebrations, such as the Easter fair, Out There Festival, Carnival, October Fair, Armed Forces Day and Christmas Market and light switch on. The chip stalls on the market are famous, and coupled with the covered end of the marketplace, a place to be able to enjoy these is a high priority for the town. 

Artist watercolour impression of improved market place area
Artist Impression of new market area


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