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Whistleblowing policy


Whistleblowing is the raising of a significant concern. This may cover issues of injustice, malpractice, or serious wrongdoing within the Council. This policy is designed to ensure that people know how to raise a genuine concern and can do so in the knowledge that they will not face reprisal for their action.

This policy aims to:

  • encourage you to feel confident in raising serious or sensitive concerns about inappropriate behaviour and to question and act upon concerns
  • provide avenues for you to raise those concerns and receive feedback on any action taken
  • ensure that you receive a response to your concerns and that you are aware of how to pursue them if you are not satisfied
  • reassure you that you will be protected from possible reprisals or victimisation if you have a reasonable belief that you have raised any concern in good faith


Last modified on 11 January 2024

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