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Public Art Trail - frequently asked questions

What is the Public Art Trail?

The Public Art Trail forms part of the wider Town Deal funded Wayfinding Intervention. The Wayfinding project offers a range of measures to improve spatial arrangements and better link the town together. This vision is to strengthen Great Yarmouth as a walkable town which offers quality, interest and connections to heritage, culture and nature. By enhancing public spaces, a richer town experience will be generated for both residents and visitors.

The planned Public Art Trail will see 10 pieces of art installed around an agreed circular route from Great Yarmouth's Historic Market Place to the seafront.

The route will also include an additional Future High Streets Fund (FHSF) funded 'landmark' sculpture installed as part of the improvements to the Historic Market.

How will the artworks be chosen?

A Public Artwork Selection Panel has been established comprising Great Yarmouth Borough Council senior officers, Members, The Arts Council and Historic England. The Panel will select the final 10 pieces following a shortlisting exercise by the Wayfinding OWG.

Where will the artworks be installed?

The artworks will be installed at agreed locations around the chosen circular route. Artworks will be placed based on their theme, design and installation requirements.

The locations chosen are covered by the existing CCTV network, are in public locations and places in areas of high footfall to prevent antisocial behaviour and vandalism.

Why is the Council installing a Public Art Trail?

The key objectives for the trail are as follows:

  • the project intent is to populate the urban area of Yarmouth with a variety of artworks which will create a uniquely fascinating free to access outdoor art gallery - this will form a series of trails which will act to improve connectivity, engage people with heritage and culture, be used to provide different means of understanding, presenting and interpreting our history and town
  • the trail will support and strengthen Great Yarmouth as a walkable town which offers quality, interest and connections to heritage, culture and nature - by enhancing public spaces, a richer town experience will be generated for both residents and visitors
  • increase pride in the town and attract visitors and provide a creative and imaginative means of enjoying the town
  • create better sustainable transport linkages across the town and enhance public spaces, which will create a richer experience for residents in Great Yarmouth, as well as visitors
    • delivering an improved active travel offer within the town will work to increase footfall, which has associated economic growth benefits
  • the project supports tourism by adding layers of interest around art, culture and heritage
  • helps to reduce car dependency by encouraging walkable routes and increases footfall throughout the town. The project engages directly with people through extensive training and volunteering activities
  • the trails will encourage people to walk supporting moderate exercise as well opening the town and managing movement, routes and links
  • it also provides a range of opportunities for people and communities to engage with heritage and culture through workshops and events hosted as part of the project

How accessible will the trail be for those with disabilities?

The Public Art Trail will be accessible to those with disabilities. Artwork locations have been chosen specifically as they are accessible to all ensuring visitors with disabilities will be able to enjoy the trail.

How much will the Public Art Trail and the Market Place Sculpture cost and how will it be funded?

The Public Art Trail will cost £283,088 and is solely funded by the Town Deal. More information about the Town Deal can be found on our website at

The Market Place Sculpture will cost £50,000 and will be solely funded by the Future High Streets Fund (FHSF). More information about the FHSF can found on our website at -

How do I submit an artwork proposal for the trail?

The opportunity is being advertised widely via the following routes:

  • Communications Strategy: press release, social media and targeting an agreed list of organisations
  • the art commissioning portal 'CuratorSpace'
  • through the Royal Society of Sculptors (RSS) members
  • Norfolk Arts Forum

If you are interested in submitting an proposal please use the relevant response form.

Alternatively, please email if you would like a copy of the submission forms emailed to you.

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