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Sports and Wellbeing Package Grant

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The Sports and Wellbeing Package Grants can provide a flexible subsidy to help your organisation to grow, improve resilience or extend its reach & impact. It is available to any micro, small or medium-sized business involved in sport, leisure, or wellbeing within the Borough.

The focus of this call is for projects that support grassroots & community-focused leisure, sport, and wellbeing, in turn this will increase the number of amenities / facilities supported or created resulting in an increase in the number of users of those facilities.

Expressions of interest are invited for two types of capital grants:

  • Variable grants: Up to £20,000 maximum grant with a 20% applicant contribution, subject to a minimum grant of £10,000
  • Fixed grants: Up to five £3000 grants with a 0% applicant contribution i.e. fully funded support for smaller, high impact projects.  

Projects MUST be capable of being delivered and grants paid out by 31st March 2025.

Please note that the full applications will require you to provide costed quotes for the goods and services over £5000 that are required to deliver your project. It is strongly recommended that you obtain these now to ensure that the expenditure underpinning your proposals is sufficiently well-developed to proceed.

A simple expression of interest form can be completed online (which will be available until funds are allocated)

After you submit an Expression of Interest you will be contacted by our Inward Investment Team who will be able to advise you whether you should submit a full application. They will explain any issues around eligibility and can assist you with that application, if required.

Key dates
Expression of interest form onlineOpen until funds are allocated
Deadline for completion of full applications30 November 2024
Final grant claim date for completed projects28 February 2025

 What the Grant can support

  • investment to support inclusive public/community engagement with lifelong physical activity, including tournaments
  • grassroots- and community-focused leisure/sport/wellbeing infrastructure
  • the capital enhancement of buildings and facilities used for sport, leisure and wellbeing

What the Grant cannot support

  • paying-off debts or refinancing
  • the purchase of stock or land
  • research and development costs
  • financial investments
  • salaries, travel or subsistence
  • training or accreditations
  • ongoing normal business costs and overheads
  • costs associated with a statutory or legislative requirement for the organisation
  • costs associated with the maintenance or renewal of existing equipment
  • revenue costs such as marketing

Please note that we cannot retrospectively fund initiatives that have already been commissioned, paid for in full or in part or otherwise definitively initiated. Grant funding cannot be awarded as retrospective payment for goods or services procured before a formal offer of a grant has been received and accepted. Multiple grant applications from the same applicant cannot be considered. Our grants are discretionary; not all applicants will be successful and not all successful applicants will be awarded the full 80%/100% of eligible costs.

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Last modified on 01 May 2024

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