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Great Yarmouth Borough Council encourages responsible dog ownership as winter draws in

As winter approaches, Great Yarmouth Borough Council is urging pet owners to be responsible and ensure they clean up after their dogs during the colder months.

A woman walking her dog while it rains

Winter brings unique challenges to pet ownership, and one of them is dealing with pet waste. Nationally, winter evenings bring with them an increase in mess in streets and parks as negligent dog owners use the darkness to dodge clearing up canine waste.

Failure to clean up after pets' results in unsightly streets, unpleasant odours and potential health hazards for children, pedestrians and other animals.

Pet owners are encouraged to carry waste disposal bags while walking their dogs, especially during winter walks and are urged to promptly clean up after their dogs, ensuring that waste is properly disposed of in council street litter bins or at home in the general household waste wheelie bin.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council's Environmental Rangers want to remind people that the borough is covered by a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) which includes a borough-wide offence of dog fouling on any land to which the public has access.

Anyone caught failing to clear up after their canine friends risks a fine of up to £1,000 - in addition to making the area less enjoyable for other people.

The Environmental Rangers are responsible for investigating reported incidents, following up on tip-offs and appealing for information to help target those who blight the environment with dog fouling.

Councillor Paul Wells, portfolio holder for Environment and Sustainability, Waste and Licensing at Great Yarmouth Borough Council, said: "Keeping our streets and parks clean is not only a matter of civic responsibility, but also reflects our respect for one another and our environment. We want to ensure that all residents, including our beloved pets, can enjoy a safe and clean winter season." 

"We should be clear to the antisocial few who feel the rules don't apply to them: the council will enforce the law and push for the maximum possible sanction.'

Residents are encouraged to report incidents of irresponsible pet owners who do not clean up after their dogs. Anyone who witnesses a dog fouling offence in the borough can report it to Environmental Health on 01493 846478 or or via the Love Clean Streets app.

Evidence that can help the rangers act includes photographs, a description of the dog and person walking it, the location, date and time of the incident.

Last modified on 04 October 2023

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