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New planning guidelines adopted by Great Yarmouth Borough Council

New guidelines have been introduced by Great Yarmouth Borough Council which aim to provide people with clear advice when submitting planning applications.

Called the Design Code, the guidelines form part of the council's Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) and lay out what is expected in the borough in terms of design and visually pleasing neighbourhoods, enhancing community pride and fostering a sense of place.

They also provide more detail and interpretation of design policies laid out in the council's Local Plan and will form a key consideration when planning applications are determined.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council's Design Code, which has been formally adopted following a meeting of its Cabinet this month, is one of the first authority-wide design codes (outside of major metropolitan areas) to have been adopted since the requirement to produce them were laid out under the Government's National Planning Policy Framework

The council's planning team has been preparing the code for the past year, supported by consultants HAT Projects, with the aim of providing more detail and expectations around what constitutes 'good design' across the borough. The final draft was finalised following consultation and the input of specific interest groups, including Natural England, and other stakeholders.

Councillor Daniel Candon, Great Yarmouth Borough Council's portfolio holder for economic development and growth, said: ''This new document is vital to help ensure local development is of a high quality, promotes healthy and active lifestyles and is more resilient to our changing climate.

''We are optimistic the Design Code will help raise the standard of design, which will in turn help improve perceptions of the area, stimulate the housing market and increase the number of good-quality new homes across the borough.''

The SPD applies to all sizes and types of development within the borough - apart from some industrial and business developments which are covered by different guidelines - including householder applications, small sites, major developments and regeneration sites.

The guidance has been structured to allow people to easily identify and apply the code requirements to specific proposals when preparing or commenting on a planning application. The structure will also benefit planning officers and councillors in their decision making when they consider development proposals.

The Design Code and the Supplementary Planning Document can be found on the Great Yarmouth Borough Council website here:

Last modified on 20 February 2024

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