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Freedom of information


Check our Publication scheme before you make an FOI request to see if we publish the information on our website. You can find more about the FOI Act on the Information Commissioner's Office (opens new window) website.

How do I make an FOI request?

Can you refuse my FOI request?

If we decide to withhold some or all of the information you have asked for, we will let you know the reasons why. We will also explain what to do if you have complaint about how your request was handled.

In certain circumstances, the Council is not obliged to release information, and these are called exemptions. Information about this can be found in paragraph 2.14 of our Freedom of Information Policy 

The Information Commissioners Office has further information on exemptions.

Where can I find the Council's FOI policies?

When responding to Freedom of Information requests the Council follows these policies:

When responding to Environmental Information requests:

In both instances, our Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Requests applies.

Where can I find data on Public Health Act Funerals?

We regularly publish data on Public Health funerals conducted by Great Yarmouth Borough Council, where the deceased had no known next of kin.

If this data does not meet the requirements of your Freedom of Information request, please email the Information Officer.

In accordance with the FOI act 2000, the last known address has been withheld under the following exemption:

  • Section 31(1)(a) - Law enforcement (prevention and detection of crime). We will not disclose details of the full last known address of the deceased as the address if unoccupied might still contain the deceased's personal effects.

We do not believe it to be in the public interest to disclose information relating to unoccupied properties where releasing that information into the public domain could prejudice the prevention of crime.

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