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Mutual Exchange


House Exchange (opens new window) is a service that secure tenants in social housing can use to find a home that better suits their needs. This is commonly known as a mutual exchange. 

If you are looking for information about joining the housing register or need advice on homelessness, the council has a page about needing somewhere to live.

What is House Exchange?

House Exchange (opens new window) connects people with secure tenancies in either Council or registered provider (housing association) properties, to agree an exchange of properties. The move can be within the Borough or into a different local authority.

Your landlord will have to give their permission before the exchange can take place.

How do I register with House Exchange?

You can register online for free with House Exchange (opens new window).

You can add photos of your property once you have registered.

How does House Exchange work?

Once you are registered you will be able to search properties on the House Exchange website.

If you find a possible match you should contact the tenant and arrange to view each other's homes in person. If you decide to go ahead with the exchange you will each have to get the permission of your landlords - you can do this by filling in our Mutual Exchange Application. We will tell you within 42 days whether you can go ahead with the exchange.

We will not permit a move if you:

  • have arrears on your rent account
  • have a Court Order requiring you to leave the property
  • have possession proceedings being taken against you
  • have a joint tenancy with a partner who no longer lives with you
  • live in a property which is tied to your job
  • live in a property which has been adapted and the incoming household does not need the adaptations
  • live in a property larger or smaller than the incoming household needs

Before your exchange both landlords will need to inspect the properties before we agree to a move. This includes safety checks of your home (gas and or electrical) and a tenancy review. A member of the team will contact you to arrange this once an application has been submitted.

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