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Finding private rented accommodation


If you want to rent privately you will need to make a number of decisions based on your circumstances.

Where can I find out about available private rented accommodation?

Private rented accommodation is advertised in a variety of ways:

Will I have to pay a deposit?

You will probably have to pay a deposit in case you cause damage to the property or don't pay your rent. A deposit will usually be the equivalent of one month's rent and no more than five weeks, and should be paid back to you when you move out of the property.

Your landlord must safeguard your deposit with a Deposit protection scheme.

Will there be other costs?

If you find your accommodation through an agent, you will probably have to pay a holding deposit of one week's rent. If you pass referencing, this will then be taken off the total amount owed before you move in.

Most landlords and agents will ask for one month's rent in advance, but some private landlords (especially for shared accommodation) may ask for two weeks' rent in advance.

Can I get help paying my rent?

If you pay rent to a landlord and are on a low income you may be eligible for Housing Benefit.

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