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Street naming and numbering

What is the Council responsible for?

The Council is responsible for:

  • officially naming new streets
  • allocating official property numbers to all new properties
  • renumbering existing properties
  • renaming properties and streets
  • making sure Royal Mail is told about new or amended property addresses, so it can assign postcodes
  • making sure the emergency services are told about new and amended property addresses
  • the repair and maintenance of street nameplates

Street naming and numbering guidance

Please refer to the Road and property naming and numbering - guidelines and examples. These will be used in performing the street naming and numbering functions.

Naming or renaming an existing property

Fill in our existing properties name amendment online form to request:

  • a new name for a property that only has a number
  • a name change
  • the removal of a name

We have a different form for changing a business name/business address name.

We charge £65.50 for dwellings and for business units for this service.

Street names and numbering for new properties

If you have new properties that you have planning permission to build, or have started to build, the Council has the authority to create official addresses. Part of this process will involve contacting Royal Mail for postcode allocation. This is needed so that the utility services can be laid on. We will also send the completed addresses to the Emergency Services and other public sector contacts that need to know.

For developments not involving a new street, please use this online form.

For developments involving a new street, please contact the Street naming and numbering team for a form.

The charges for this service are set out below.

Street naming and numbering charging schedule
Scale of developmentCharge
Development not involving a new street name (per plot or the below charges for scale of development, if lower)£70.00
Development including new street name(s)
1 to 5 plots£333.00
6 to 10 plots£433.50
11 to 20 plots£577.00
21 to 50 plots£1,153.50
51 to 100 plots£1,586.00
101 plus plots£2,018.50

Registering an existing address

If you are concerned your existing address is not registered with Royal Mail, please contact the Street naming and numbering team

Who can help me with my street naming and numbering query?

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