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Gambling premises licence


If you wish to run a gambling facility in Great Yarmouth, you must hold a gambling premises licence or permit from the Council. You can contact us for information or advice, and you might find our Gambling Policy (PDF) [411KB] (opens new window)  useful.

Who can apply for a Gambling Premises Licence?

To be eligible you must be at least 18 years old and:

How do I apply for a Gambling Premises Licence?

Complete and send back a premises licence application form (PDF) [47KB] (opens new window)  together with a notice of application (single applicants) (PDF) [28KB] (opens new window)  or notice of application (more than one applicant) (PDF) [53KB] (opens new window)  along with a plan of the premises and the appropriate fee.

You must also:

How long will my application take?

The process takes a minimum of four weeks - eight weeks if anyone objects to your application.

There is a 28-day consultation period once we receive your application, during which time objections can be submitted provided they are based on the licensing objectives. If objections are received, we refer your application to the Licensing Committee - it will decide whether we should issue your licence.

If there are no objections, we will issue your licence after the consultation period ends.

Are there any conditions?

Yes, all Gambling Premises Licences we grant are subject to the mandatory and default conditions outlined in the Gambling Act (opens new window). Some conditions are capable of being removed or amended upon application to the Licensing Team.

Will I need to renew my licence?

No. Your licence runs indefinitely if:

  • You pay the annual fee when it is due
  • It hasn't been revoked

What if I need to make changes to my licence?

You must fill out an application form specifying the variation (PDF) [53KB] (opens new window) . You will also need to complete a Notice of Application (this differs depending if you are a single applicant (PDF) [17KB] (opens new window)  or if there is more than one person applying (PDF) [19KB] (opens new window) ) and pay the application fee. You will also need to advertise the application and give notice to the Responsible Authorities (PDF) [43KB] (opens new window) .   

What happens if there are complaints about my premises?

We will investigate any complaints. The Gambling Commission may carry out inspections and get involved in more serious complaints.

If you breach the conditions of your licence, action can be taken which could result in revocation of the licence.

What gambling applications are currently open for representation?

Details of applications for a new gambling premises licence, or to vary a gambling premises licence, received under the Gambling Act, are listed in the table below.

Applications are subject to a 28 day consultation period. If a representation is to be submitted, either supporting or objecting to an application, it is advisable (where possible) to email the representation to, rather than sending by post.

The full application of any of those listed in the table below can be viewed by emailing the Licensing Team.

Details of current gambling applications including the closing date for representations

Application details

Type of applicationClosing date for representations

Haven Leisure Ltd

Caister Holiday Park - Seagull Club House, Branford Road, Caister, Great Yarmouth 

Application is for a new bingo premises licence

New19 February 2024

Park Resorts Ltd

Cherry Tree Holiday Park, Mill Road, Burgh Castle, Great Yarmouth NR31 9QR

Variation of the layout of the premises including extending the licensable area to include the restaurant

Variation22 February 2024

What is the Council's Statement of Principles?

Licensing authorities are required by the Gambling Act 2005 to publish a statement of the principles they propose to apply when exercising their functions. This statement must be published at least every three years. The statement must also be reviewed from 'time to time' and any amended parts consulted upon again. The statement must then be republished. 

The  Statement of Principles (Gambling Policy) (PDF) [411KB] (opens new window)  for the Great Yarmouth borough was published on 17 December 2021 and will come into effect on 31 January 2022.

Who are the Responsible Authorities?

There are eight  Responsible Authorities (PDF) [43KB] (opens new window) specified for gambling licences.

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