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Monitoring and evidence

Infrastructure and viability evidence

Sustainable Settlements Study (2012)

This study assessed the level of service provision in each settlement in the Borough. It helped inform Policy CS2 of the Core Strategy which sets out a settlement hierarchy.  

Infrastructure Plan (2020)

This document identifies the infrastructure requirements necessary to support the growth outlined in the Local Plan.

Local Plan Part 2 Viability Assessment (2020)

This study provides an assessment of the viability of the policy requirements in the Local Plan as a whole and the strategic site allocations included in the Local Plan Part 2.

Local Plan Part 2 Transport Modelling (2019)

This study assesses the potential impact of potential allocations in the Local Plan Part 2 on the A47 trunk road. 

Great Yarmouth Transport Strategy and Implementation Plan (2020)

This document is a strategy for transport improvements within Great Yarmouth. 

A143 Bradwell transport study (2022)

This study comprises two stages that:

  1. analyse the existing transport scenario
  2. test possible growth scenarios

The documents contain transport analysis and assessment of the A143 Beccles Road/Church Lane/Mill Lane/Long Lane junction as an evidence base to help inform the preparation of the new Local Plan. 

Last modified on 06 January 2023

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