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Nuisance vehicles


Nuisance parking enforcement includes yellow line restrictions, drivers who park irresponsibly and drivers who wilfully obstruct property or roads. The Highway Code outlines rules for parking and waiting - breaching these rules can lead to the driver receiving a fine.

Councils are only able to enforce regulations where parking restrictions exist. If there are no regulations in place but vehicles are parking in a dangerous position or in circumstances that cause an obstruction, then the Police should be asked to deal with the matter.

Who deals with nuisance parking on a public highway?

Nuisance parking, such as parking on the pavement or verge where there are no existing yellow line restrictions, parking over an access, or parking causing an obstruction, can be reported to the Police on their non-emergency contact number 101 or by completing their online contact form (opens new window).

The Police are able to issue a fixed penalty fine, or where they consider it necessary, may even move the vehicle (this is extreme).

If a pavement or verge is obstructed by a motorised vehicle, and there are double yellow lines in place on the adjacent highway, a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) can be issued. To report an issue where parking restrictions are in place, please email details to our Parking Team.

Who do I report an untaxed vehicle to?

Untaxed vehicles should not be on the road. If an untaxed vehicle is causing a parking problem in your street, see the GOV.UK: Report an untaxed vehicle (opens new window) page and follow the steps to report the vehicle.

How do I report an abandoned vehicle?

Please see the information on our Report a street problem page.

How do I request parking restrictions in my local area?

Parking restriction requests, such as disabled bays or zigzag lines outside schools, should be referred to your local councillor (opens new window) who will then pass the request to Norfolk County Council.

Can I advertise vehicles for sale on the public highway?

It is an offence for anyone to advertise two or more vehicles on the same road, or within 500 metres of each other.

This matter should be reported to Great Yarmouth Services Ltd.

Is it an offence to repair vehicles on the public highway?

It is an offence for anyone to carry out repairs, maintenance and other work to a vehicle on a road unless they are repairs resulting from an accident or a breakdown within 72 hours of happening. This matter should be reported to Norfolk County Council (opens new window).

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