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E-scooter trial declared a 'wheel' success as list of registered users grows to nearly ten thousand

Since its launch in April, Great Yarmouth Borough Council's e-scooter trial has grown so much in popularity as a greener alternative way to travel within the borough, it has doubled in size.

A Ginger e-scooter

The council partnered with authorised e-scooter operator Ginger, which initially provided 35 e-scooters and 50 parking bays for the trial. Now, the trial boasts a total of 70 scooters and 65 bays.

In the six months since their introduction to the borough, the e-scooters have been used a massive 41,500 journeys by 9,900 registered users. Data shows that those using the e-scooters do so more than once, with the average Great Yarmouth rider having taken five journeys with Ginger Scooters.

The popular trial, which has an average journey length of 35 minutes and consequently saved approximately 20 tonnes of CO2, enables users to travel through residential areas and key commuter routes within Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and Bradwell. Both seafronts and other key employment areas, such as the James Paget University Hospital, Northgate Hospital, Harfreys and Gapton Hall industrial estates and South Denes are also within the trial zone.

Journeys can be hired via the Ginger Shared Transport app, costing just £2 per 20 minutes. Ginger has also extended its free rides programme for the NHS, Emergency Service workers and the Armed Forces until December 31, 2021, allowing two free journeys per day as a thank you for their dedicated work.

Every user must be aged 16 or over and hold a provisional or full driving licence. The first time they ride, the user needs to photograph their licence, and submit a selfie with it, to verify it is theirs with Ginger blocking adult users who provide a scooter to an underage person. Those aged 16 or 17 are required to complete an online e-scooter training course before they can ride.

Cllr Paul Wells, chairman of the environment committee, said: "E-scooters are a fun, affordable, greener way of travelling short distances within the borough, such as to work or college.

"Whilst the trial is ongoing, we'd like to remind people that the use of private e-scooters remains illegal in public places."

Paul Hodgins, Ginger CEO, said: "We are absolutely delighted with the response of residents in Great Yarmouth to the trial. We are proud to be working together with Great Yarmouth Borough Council to deliver a service that provides a socially distanced, low speed, environmentally friendly alternative to the car.

"The incredibly high level of engagement with the trial that we are seeing in Great Yarmouth shows that organised deployment of scooters, with a focus on safety, mandatory parking and affordability, is of fantastic benefit to local communities."

Users are encouraged to leave feedback as part of the trial via the app, as well as make suggestions or comments about the trial area or parking bay locations. Anyone can also send feedback to Find out more at #SwitchToScoot

Last modified on 07 December 2023

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