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Great Yarmouth Borough Council local election results

Today's local election result means the Conservatives now have 19 seats on the council, Labour 18 and there are two independents.

Council officers counting votes for the 2023 local elections

Labour increased the number of its seats from 14 and the Conservative seats reduced by two, from 21 to 19.

The total number of eligible voters was 74,235 and 20,735 voted - a turnout of 27.93%.

With the introduction of the Elections Act this year, for the first time, people were required to provide accepted types of Photo ID in order to cast their vote.

In the Great Yarmouth Borough Council area the number of people who arrived at polling stations without the correct form of Photo ID and so were not issued with a ballot paper was 42. Of those 42, 21 later returned with accepted Photo ID and were able to vote.

Sheila Oxtoby, chief executive of Great Yarmouth Borough Council, said: "We are very pleased the count went so smoothly today. I would like to thank all the candidates and their agents for their efforts during the election campaign and we now look forward to a new council which will be continuing the work of the last administration to do the best it can for the residents of the borough.

''I would like to welcome the elected members - those re-elected to their wards and those new to the council and we look forward to a successful next four years.

''I would also like to thank the council's staff and colleagues, particularly the electoral services team and those who volunteered to help make the election run so smoothly. The organisation of local elections is a huge endeavour and I am extremely grateful to everyone involved."

Last modified on 05 May 2023

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