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Council launches new part-night lighting scheme

In an effort to reduce the council's carbon footprint and save running costs, Great Yarmouth Borough Council has announced a new scheme which will see part-night lighting introduced in low-crime areas where there is limited through traffic.

A photo showing a classic lamppost

Starting from the Monday, May 15 the process of updating footway lights to allow them to be switched off between 1am and 5am will begin, with the process likely to take a few months to complete. The part-night lighting will become effective as soon as each light is updated, so will be a rolling implementation.

The council is working closely with Norfolk Police to determine whether particular locations should be excluded from the scheme.

This initiative is driven by the council's commitment to environmental sustainability and cost effectiveness. The reduction in carbon emissions from reduced energy use is a significant step towards a greener future. At the same time, the cost savings from the reduction in electricity used will benefit the community by freeing up funds for other essential services.

Part-night lighting involves limiting night-time lighting to the periods which see the highest traffic volume. Photocell technology is used to measure natural light levels and switches off lights for five hours.

Jane Beck, head of Property and Assets at Great Yarmouth Borough Council, said: "We understand the importance of safety and security for our residents, and that is why we have carefully chosen the timings for the part-night switch. The switch-off will take place during the least active hours of the night, minimising potential safety concerns while ensuring that we are doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint.

"We believe there are real benefits with a part-night switch-off and look forward to continuing to work towards a greener, more sustainable future."

Last modified on 10 May 2023

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