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Businesses encouraged to use low-noise fireworks for displays

Great Yarmouth Borough Council is encouraging business to opt for low-noise fireworks when looking to light up the sky with displays to ensure everyone can enjoy them.

RSPCA Bang Out of Order campaign asset

Fireworks are a long-standing tradition, fascinating audiences and igniting a sense of wonder and joy. However, in recent years, concerns have been raised about the impact of loud fireworks on vulnerable individuals, pets and wildlife.

Thousands of pets, horses and livestock are affected by fireworks every year. Many hurt themselves in reaction to the noise and flashes or, in the worst cases, it can cause death.

Low-noise fireworks offer an imaginative alternative for businesses looking to host memorable events without compromising on safety or enjoyment. The fireworks are specifically designed to reduce the intensity of the noise produced while still providing stunning visual displays that captivate people.

A spokesperson at Great Yarmouth Borough Council, said: "As a council, we value the experiences of all our residents and visitors. By encouraging businesses to adopt low-noise fireworks, we aim to create a more inclusive atmosphere where everyone can enjoy the celebrations.

"We believe that it is crucial to strike a balance between the excitement of fireworks and the wellbeing of our community members."

Last modified on 28 June 2023

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