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Business resilience

It would be wise to consider and plan for scenarios that could disrupt your business activities, such as flooding, extreme weather, power failure or cyber-attack.

In an adverse event, some simple steps can assist you in preparing for these and continuing a limited service before returning to a full-service delivery - what can you do to be better prepared?

  1. What is business continuity? Find out why business continuity is important to you (on YouTube) and how you can make your organisation more resilient with business continuity management.
  2. Don't Gamble with your business - prepare for survival (pdf on Norfolk Prepared website) will help you to identify potential risks, prepare for emergencies and test how your business is likely to cope during a disruption to business.
  3. Consider putting together a 10 minute plan (pdf) or completing the Are you cyber ready? questions and advice (pdf) which will help keep your business safe and provide security against the variety of on-line threats.  

Further guidance and template business continuity plans are available on the Norfolk Prepared website.

Last modified on 15 November 2023

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