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Great Yarmouth Market Place

The Market

The redeveloped Market Place has a range of different sized units to suit your business needs. All sizes are the approximate external dimensions:

  • 5m x 5m (permanent)
  • 2.5m x 5m (permanent)
Occupied stalls 1-17 and their offer
Stall numberSizeTrade
15m x 5mGreetings cards and accessories
25m x 5mToys and Fancy goods
35m x 5mCake and Tea
45m x 5mTea stall
55m x 5mChinese food
65m x 5mButcher
75m x 5mWatches and accessories
82.5m x 5mMac and cheese and loaded fries
92.5m x 5mBakers
102.5m x 5mCrepes
115m x 5mSweet shop
145m x 5mFishmonger
155m x 5mFlowers
165m x 5mPie and Pea
175m x 5mCobbler, Key cutting and Engraving
Proposed Phase 2 stalls
Stall numberSizeTrade
185m x 5mMen's, women's, and children's clothes
195m x 5mTurkish food
205m x 5mIndian clothes
215m x 5mBath bombs and soaps
222.5m x 5mRotisserie
235m x 5mTelephone accessories
245m x 5mIndian Food
255m x 5mThai noodle bar
265m x 5mChips
275m x 5mChips
285m x 5mChips
295m x 5mFruit and veg

Market place diagram

The following diagram illustrates the position of the stalls listed, indicating the position of the ones still available, as well as where amenities can be found.


Last modified on 14 November 2023

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