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LGA Corporate Peer Challenge - progress review (3 Nov 2023)

Summary of the approach

The Progress Review at Great Yarmouth Borough Council took place on 3 November 2023.

The progress review focussed on each of the recommendations from the Corporate Peer Challenge, under the following theme headings:

  • Communications and narrative
    • Recommendation 1 - evaluate and communicate to stakeholders how major projects deliver outcomes for those most in need
    • Recommendation 2 - communicate the narrative on the transformation of Great Yarmouth including the major projects and the impacts they have on the borough to the general public as well as other stakeholders - Tourism; Culture, Energy...
  • Capacity and skills
    • Recommendation 4 - investment in the ELT/MT dynamic, empowering HOS to play a wider corporate role in order to strengthen corporate resilience
    • Recommendation 5 - establish a strategic approach to talent management and recruitment, focussed on your skills gaps
  • Services
    • Recommendation 3 - ensure core services receive the same focus as the major projects
    • Recommendation 6 - secure strategic resource for procurement (in house or strategic partner) to drive and embed procurement processes, culture and compliance
  • Finance
    • Recommendation 7 - review the business strategy post May 2023 to enable future balanced budget without the use of reserves - pay attention to risk of "revenue tails" of major projects
  • Political culture
    • Recommendation 8 - continue to invest in cross party working and relationships to ensure political culture is sustained as you move to the cabinet model - don't underestimate the impact of the wider system

For this progress review, the following members of the original Corporate Peer Challenge team were involved:

  • Lead Peer, Martin Hamilton - Chief Executive, Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council
  • Member Peer, Cllr Nick Worth, South Holland District Council (Conservative)
  • Member Peer, Cllr David Ellesmere - Ipswich (Labour)
  • Peer Challenge Manager, Kirsty Human - LGA Senior Regional Adviser
  • Programme Support Officer - Daniella Howell - LGA

The peer team met in person at Great Yarmouth Borough Council over the course of a day with the following representatives from the council:

  • Cllr Carl Smith - Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Governance, Finance and Major Projects
  • Cllr Graham Plant - Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Operational Property and Asset Management
  • Cllr Emma Flaxman-Taylor - Portfolio Holder for Housing, Health and Communities
  • Cllr Daniel Candon - Portfolio Holder for Economic Development and Growth 
  • Cllr James Bensley - Portfolio Holder for Tourism, Culture and Coastal Management
  •  Cllr Paul Wells - Portfolio Holder for Environment and Sustainability, Licensing and Waste
  •  Cllr Trevor Wainwright - Leader of the Opposition
  • Cllr Bernard Williamson - Chair of Scrutiny Committee
  •  Cllr Paula Waters-Bunn - Vice chair of Council
  • Cllr Kerry Robinson Payne - Vice chair of Licensing
  • Cllr Adrian Thompson - Independent Member
  • Sheila Oxtoby - Chief Executive
  • Paula Boyce - Executive Director of People
  • Karen Sly - Executive Director of Resources (S151)
  • Natasha Hayes - Executive Director of Place
  • Caroline Whatling - Head of Legal and Governance (MO)
  • Tim Williams - Media and Communications Manager
  • Susan Bolan - Enabling and Empty Homes Officer
  • Lorraine Houghton - Parking Services Manager
  • Matthew Mann - Leisure Strategy and Contract Manager
  • Dave Zimmerling - Desktop Engineer
  • Steve Scott Greenard - Prevention and Early Help Manager
  • Nick Fountain - Principal Strategic Planner
  • Stuart Brabben - Revenues and Benefit Service Manager
  • Sammy Wintle - Corporate Services Manager
  • Gemma Tilley - Environmental Health Manager
  • Claire Skipper - Learning and Organisational Development Advisor
  • David Edwards - Estate Caretaker
  • Lee Webster - Equinox Executive Officer
  •  Rosie Moore - Community Hub operations Officer
  • Stacy Cosham - Project Coordinator
Last modified on 10 January 2024

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