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Market Place Landmark Public Art Commission - design brief


The budget for this commission is up to £50,000 made-up of the artist fee and design brief, fabrication and manufacturing.

A detailed breakdown of costs will be required. The sculpture proposal will be assessed on suitability, permeability, theme and costs.

This Design Brief includes:

  1. development of proposal from initial concept to final design, which includes:
    1. scale
    2. materials used for the sculpture
    3. ongoing maintenance requirements if required
    4. installation requirements and instruction
  2. liaison with the Borough Council officers and Members and the Great Yarmouth Public Artwork Panel.
  3. development of a scale model Marquette for presentation and sign-off by the above partners.
  4. co-operation with a public consultation and engagement process regarding the proposed form.
  5. the development of a design and fabrication brief.
  6. input and support, to obtain the necessary planning consents.
  7. overseeing the installation of the commission in line with GYBC's timeline with their funders.
Last modified on 02 October 2023

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