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Public Art Trail - frequently asked questions

Why is the Council installing a Public Art Trail?

The key objectives for the trail are as follows:

  • the project intent is to populate the urban area of Yarmouth with a variety of artworks which will create a uniquely fascinating free to access outdoor art gallery - this will form a series of trails which will act to improve connectivity, engage people with heritage and culture, be used to provide different means of understanding, presenting and interpreting our history and town
  • the trail will support and strengthen Great Yarmouth as a walkable town which offers quality, interest and connections to heritage, culture and nature - by enhancing public spaces, a richer town experience will be generated for both residents and visitors
  • increase pride in the town and attract visitors and provide a creative and imaginative means of enjoying the town
  • create better sustainable transport linkages across the town and enhance public spaces, which will create a richer experience for residents in Great Yarmouth, as well as visitors
    • delivering an improved active travel offer within the town will work to increase footfall, which has associated economic growth benefits
  • the project supports tourism by adding layers of interest around art, culture and heritage
  • helps to reduce car dependency by encouraging walkable routes and increases footfall throughout the town. The project engages directly with people through extensive training and volunteering activities
  • the trails will encourage people to walk supporting moderate exercise as well opening the town and managing movement, routes and links
  • it also provides a range of opportunities for people and communities to engage with heritage and culture through workshops and events hosted as part of the project
Last modified on 06 October 2023

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