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Introduction to FACET for businesses

FACET is an exciting, forward thinking environmental project set up to support businesses in the tourism and leisure sector to make cost-effective changes that are better for the environment. This means moving away from 'make → use → dispose' to using resources for as long as possible, regenerating materials and in turn preventing costly and unsustainable levels of waste.

Why is this important? 

Tourism plays a big role in the economy of the area but also brings challenges, including keeping the region clean and tidy. These issues can be tackled by adopting a sustainable, circular approach. 

How FACET can help your business 

  • Reduce costs related to single use packaging/food waste by researching cheaper solutions. 
  • Enhance business image with recognition for becoming more environmentally friendly. 
  • Be part of solutions that make it easier to keep the area clean, so it is attractive to visitors. 
  • Chance to be involved in operational pilots/trials in the borough to see what works. 
  • Access to expert advisors and Council officer support to implement greener business practices.
  • Opportunity to learn from other UK-based and European partners to share best practice.
  • Help reduce the environmental impacts of our production/consumption to preserve our environment for our families and communities. 

Examples of solutions businesses may consider

Different solutions will suit different businesses, but some examples may include:

  • food and drink containers deposit schemes
  • reusable packaging
  • composting
  • community fridges to reduce food waste 
  • encouraging better on-street recycling 
  • utilising 'smart bins' 

Get involved 

If your business wants to be part of FACET locally, please complete this  form (PDF) [248KB] (opens new window) and return to

If you have any further questions, please contact Ben Gulliver (FACET Project Officer) on the above email or call 07385462294.

Last modified on 07 January 2022

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