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Review of Polling Districts, Polling Places and Polling Stations 2023, Acting Returning Officer (ARO) response and suggestions.

The Acting Returning Officer (ARO) has been consulted on the current polling arrangements and the ARO's comments can be viewed below:
Polling Station no.Polling Station NamePolling Station AddressPolling DistrictElectorateElectoral WardAccessibilityReturning Officer CommentsAlternative suggestedRecommendation to Council
1-2Mill Lane CentrePlaying Field
Mill Lane
NR31 8HS
BN15,078Bradwell NorthLevelThis polling station is suitably located and accessible. It has a large car park and is able to accommodate the two polling stations needed for the electorate.None 
3Communal RoomThe Close
NR31 8DS
BS11,452Bradwell South and HoptonLevelThis is a suitable location for the area it covers, good accessibility and availabilityNone 
4Community CentreLords Lane
NR31 8QH
BS22,826LevelThis polling station is well positioned for the polling district.None 
5Village HallHopton
NR31 9BE
BS33,643LevelVillage Hall purpose built and accessibleNone 
6-7The CenturionOrmesby Road
NR30 5NJ
CN3,643Caister NorthLevelPolling station is used for two polling stations to accommodate large electorate. Premises is centrally located with large car park.None 
8-9Council HallYarmouth Road
NR30 5DL
Caister SouthLevelPremise used is accessible and has good availabilty. Car parking can be a little difficult but the area does have short stay spaces on roadsideNone 
10Emmanuel ChurchNorthgate Street
Great Yarmouth
NR30 1BJ
CE12,580Central and NorthgateRamp for disabled accessHas continued to be used for several years with no adverse comments received.
Parking is a little limited but we ensure cones are placed outside the station to allow for polling day parking only and will continue to do so.
11The Priory CentrePriory Passage
Great Yarmouth
NR31 1NW
CE23,057LevelAccessible premise, although it is hidden from the main road. Extra signage is provided to alleviate this difficulty. Car parking is available on road sideNone 
12Communal RoomManor Close
NR31 0PX
CL1 AND CL21562 and 1085ClaydonSlope to entranceGood accessible building with confirmed availability. Extra signage at Junction of manor Road & Suffolk Road is helpful.None 
13Communal RoomGenista Green
NR31 0PX
CL31,226Purpose built rampAccessible building with the use of a ramp. Confirmed availability and centrally located. Extra signage required to identify location from main road.None 
14Youth and Adult CentreMagdalen Way
NR31 7BW
CL41,631LevelAccessible building .None 
15Village Hall
St Mary's Room
Waters Lane
NR29 4NH
EF12,746East FleggLevelVillage Hall for parish - centrally located and known to the areaNone 
16Village HallSomerton
NR29 4DL
EF2209LevelVillage Hall for parish - centrally located and known to the areaNone 
17Village HallKings Corner
NR29 4DD
EF3999Removable rampVillage Hall for parish - centrally located and known to the areaNone 
18Club RoomMain Road
NR29 3AA
FL1703FleggburghExternal ramp to rear of buildingAccessible building - village hall for parish, centrally locatedNone 
19Village HallMain Road
NR29 3AG
FL2856LevelAccessible building - village hall for parish, centrally located, ample parking.None 
20Village HallRunham
NR29 3AH
FL3340LevelAccessible building - village hall for parish, centrally located and known to areaNone 
21Community Centre

Old School
NR29 3ER

FL4269Disabled access ramp at rearCentrally located with parking. Known to areaNone 
22Cliff HotelCliff Hill
NR31 6DH
GO13,052GorlestonLevelWell known in area and can accommodate large electorate. Parking is however a little limited.None 
23Unit 4 Wellington ParkExcalibur Road
Beacon Park
NR31 7BB
Level into foyer.
Stairs for access to first floor. Lift is available
Good location for residents on the Beacon Park estate. Great difficulty in finding alternative premises, this premise has been used for the last few elections and no adverse comments have been received. The unit changed in 2023 and a room on the first floor was made available. Although not ideal there is use of a lift.None 
24The InstituteStation Road South
NR31 9JG
LO12,879LothinglandLevel with separate entrance for disabled accessBuilding accessible, although no specified parking. Well known to area with good availability.None 
25Village HallChurch Road
Burgh Castle
NR31 9QF
LO2907LevelAccessible village Hall, centrally located for village. External lighting could be improvedNone 
26Village InstituteFritton
NR31 9AB
LO3207LevelAccessible village hall well known to residents, good availability.None 
27Village InstituteSt Olaves
NR31 9HD
LO4229LevelAccessible village Hall, centrally located for village.None 
28Methodist Church HallMagdalen Way
NR31 7BW
MA12,470MagdalenLevelAccessible hall, adequate for polling districtNone 
29St Mary's Church HallFastolff Avenue
NR31 7ND
MA22,196LevelAccessible hall, adequate for polling districtNone 
30Community Building

Amethyst Close
NR31 6EU

MA3513Alternative arrangement for disabled accessSmall room for a compact polling district. Extra signage is required, especially on main road as can be difficult to locateNone 
31St Georges Theatre CaféKing Street
Great Yarmouth
NR30 2PG
NE12,181NelsonLevelGood location and easily identified. Accessible buildingNone 
32Comfort InnAlbert Square
Great Yarmouth
NR30 3JH
NE21,782LevelAccessible room. Has been used for the last few elections with no adverse comments received.None 
33Community CentrePeggotty Road
Great Yarmouth
NR30 3EF
NE31,221LevelAccessible hall, centrally locatedNone 
34Village CentreOrmesby St Margaret
NR29 3PU
OR12,266OrmesbyLevel with ramp access for disabled.Accessible hall, centrally located within village. Adequate parkingNone 
35Village HallOrmesby St Michael
NR29 3LW
OR2265Alternative arrangement for disabled accessAccessible hall, centrally located within village. Adequate parkingNone 
36All Saints Parish HallBeach Road
NR29 3AJ
OR31,256LevelAccessible hall, ample parking.None 
37Communal RoomPriory Street
NR31 6NG
SA11,443St AndrewsLevelAccessible hall, good availabilityNone 
38Methodist ChurchLowestoft Road
NR31 6SX
SA22,044Small lip - temporary ramp availableAccessible with temporary ramp. Parking only available on roadsideNone 
39Cobholm Community CentreSt Luke's Terrace
NR31 0AP
SC11,803Southtown and CobholmFitted ramp to front door with small lipAccessible building. Parking very limited on roadside.None 
40Lichfield Community CentreSouthtown
NR31 0QL
SC21,775LevelAccessible building, adequate for polling districtNone 
41Chapel SchoolroomThurne
NR29 3AP
West FleggLevelJoint station for adjoining villages,None 
42Village HallWhite Street
NR29 4PG
WF22,992Gently sloping ramp to entranceVillage hall, centrally located within the villageNone 
43Village HallPlayingfield
NR29 5EU
WF3324LevelVillage hall,centrally located within the village. Ample parkingNone 
44The PavillionPlayingfield
NR29 5EG
WF4792LevelVillage hall, centrally located within the village.None 
45Communal RoomHawkins Close
Great Yarmouth
NR30 4AY
YN12,179Yarmouth NorthLevelConvenient hall with good availabilityNone 
46Communal RoomBeatty Close
Great Yarmouth
NR30 4BN
YN21,192LevelAccessible unit - a little difficult to locate so extra signage is required. Some parking availableNone 
Last modified on 27 October 2023

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