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Great Yarmouth completes small electrical recycling collection pilot scheme

Great Yarmouth Borough Council is celebrating the completion of a successful small electrical waste collection trial, which saw items recycled in both rural and urban areas.

The trial launched in October and focused on the collection of small electrical waste from more than 11,000 homes in four areas in the borough.

Over a two-week period, 554 small electrical items were recycled, weighing in at almost 560 kilograms. All the items collected kerbside were broken or unused and had been sitting in drawers or cupboards in people's homes.

The trial was one of more than 40 projects across the UK funded by Material Focus, the not-for- profit organisation leading the Recycle Your Electricals campaign. It provided the council with £10,000 for the trial.

Great Yarmouth led the way in Norfolk with its trial, joining other projects around the country in making it easier for 10 million UK residents to recycle electrical items.

The aim of the nationwide Electricals Recycling Fund is to significantly reduce e-waste and its environmental impact by making it easier for consumers to recycle electricals. The projects that have been funded by Material Focus include a variety of recycling methods, from kerbside collections to more drop-off points in schools, community centres and 'bring banks'.

In total, there will be more than 400 new collection points plus kerbside collections for 5.5 million UK households.

Recycle Your Electricals research showed that 80 per cent of people believe recycling is a good thing, and that many people already recycle things like paper and plastic.

The research also revealed many people have unwanted electrical items they want to dispose of - even if it is just a drawer of cables - and that millions of electrical items are hoarded in UK homes.

At the same time, it said 39 per cent of people throw away electrical items rather than recycle them because they think it is too hard to recycle. The aim of the pilot projects was to overcome these issues by making it easier to recycle electricals.

Councillor Paul Wells, portfolio holder for Environment and Sustainability, Waste and Licensing at Great Yarmouth Borough Council, said: "This pilot scheme not only demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability, but also showcases our dedication to serving the community's needs. By making it easier for residents to dispose of small electrical waste responsibly, we are taking a significant step towards a cleaner, greener and more sustainable Great Yarmouth."

Scott Butler, executive director of Material Focus, said: "We were thrilled to support Great Yarmouth Borough Council's small electrical waste collection pilot whichaddresses the pressing issue of e-waste.

''By investing in improved collection and drop-off services and exploring new recycling methods, we are taking a significant step towards creating a more sustainable future by making it easier for 10 million more people to recycle their electricals."

Last modified on 11 January 2024

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