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Ship sanitation inspections

What do you check for?

Ship sanitation certificates are designed to prevent international vessels from causing a public health risk. If requested, we will carry out an inspection of a ship to assess whether standards on board meet World Health Organisation (WHO) guidance  The inspection covers all areas of ship borne public health risks including vector control, potable and ballast water and food safety controls.

If the ship inspection is satisfactory, a Ship Sanitation Control Exemption Certificate (SSCEC) will be issued. If public health risks are found on board, a Ship Sanitation Control Certificate (SSCC) will be issued with notes about the control measures or corrective actions required and expected timeframe.

Ship sanitation certificates are valid for six months. At the end of that period, all ships on international voyages are required to request a new certificate and a full inspection of all areas of the ship will be carried out.

Last modified on 12 January 2024

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