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Animal welfare licensing

Pet shops

You must have a licence to run a pet shop or any business that sells pets. To apply for a new or renewal licence please complete the pet shop licence application form.

Pet shop licence fees
Pet shop/sale of pets application fee£360.00
Grant fee£178.00
Combination of activities - in addition to highest activity fee£60.00
Variation to licence / re-evaluation of rating£120.00
Variations to reduce the licensable activities or number of animals£60.00
Transfer of licence (on death of licence holder)£60.00
Change of name or business name (not transfer)£35.00
Copy of licence£15.00

Fees are payable on application. Where a combination of activities are carried out (for example animal boarding and keeping a pet shop), the highest activity fee applies. Contact the Environmental Health team for more details.

You will need to show that the accommodation for the animals and management of their welfare meets the necessary standards. An officer or vet may inspect licensed premises at any time we think necessary.

A licence will last one, two or three years depending on the star rating given. Make sure you renew your licence before the expiry date.

Last modified on 28 May 2024

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