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How do I make a housing application?

You need to complete an online application form (opens new window) to join the Council's Housing Register for affordable housing.

You do not need to complete the online application form or submit all of the necessary supporting documents at the same time. However, please note that any delay will impact on the assessment of your application.

If you have any difficulties in accessing the online application, or need support in completing the online form, visit:

Great Yarmouth Borough Council
Greyfriars House
Greyfriars Way
Great Yarmouth
NR30 2QE

Before starting a housing application, please have the following information available:

  • person identification for you and the joint applicant
  • date of birth for all household members
  • details of your household income
  • recent bank statements for all bank or building society accounts
  • evidence of any savings, capital, investments or equity in property
  • a five-year address history
  • contact details for your current or former landlords or mortgage providers

The information required will depend on your individual circumstances, for instance:

  • if you have a medical or welfare need to move, we may ask for evidence from other professionals to tell us more about this need
  • if you have been asked to leave by your landlord, we may ask for a copy of your tenancy agreement and the notice served, and may need to contact your landlord

Once you have finished your application, you will be asked to provide supporting documents. It will speed up the application process, if you have all your required documents with you at the time of application. The supporting documents are:

  • passport
  • birth certificate
  • driving licence
  • proof of National Insurance number
  • proof of address (dated within the past three months)
  • deed poll change of name
  • workers registration documents
  • proof of pregnancy (MATB1)
  • proof of Child Benefit (the award letter)
  • residence order or other supporting documentation to confirm long-term guardianship
  • contract of employment or employee's letter
  • payslips
  • proof of offer of employment (paid or unpaid)
  • proof of self-employment
  • proof of benefits
  • proof of community contribution
  • proof of service in the armed forces and time served
  • proof of local connection
  • medical evidence
  • support agency's letter
  • bank statements (for all accounts held for the past three months)
  • proof of savings/investments
  • proof of homelessness (notice, possession summons or eviction warrant)
  • marriage or civil partnership certification
  • supporting letter(s)
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)/Disability Living Allowance (DLA) award letter
  • letter from GP/consultant or any other professional who you/household member are working with
  • occupational therapist reports
  • landlord reference from your current or most recent landlord
  • utility bills (gas, electric, water)
  • tenancy or licence agreement
  • Council Tax bill
  • letter(s) from family (such as letters asking you to leave the family home)
  • Section 21 notice
  • settled status documents
    • leave to remain biometric card (front and back)
    • leave to remain letter
    Last modified on 03 May 2023

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