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You should read the information on the Planning Portal website (opens new window) before submitting an application.

Do I need planning permission?

You will need permission for most changes or new builds. However, you can carry out certain developments without planning permission.

You can apply for a certificate of lawfulness which provides formal confirmation of whether you need permission for householder development at a cost of £103. You should enquire separately regarding building regulations. The Planning Portal (opens new window) offers useful information.

We deal with commercial enquiries differently - please call 01493 846242 for details.

How do I make a planning application?

See our list of planning application forms.

How do I view or comment on a planning application?

You can find further information on how to view, comment or appeal via the search planning applications section.

What happens once I submit a planning application?

We check all the forms are filled out correctly and consult any relevant parties. A planning officer will then visit the site.

The development officer, or the Planning and Development Control Committee (opens new window), will then decide the application. Anyone can attend committee meetings, although only a small number of applications are referred to the committee. 

If your planning application is refused, you can appeal it online (opens new window).

Where can I find information on the Council's planning policies and development sites?

You can view the Council's currently adopted planning policies and emerging planning policies from the Local plans and policies webpage

What should I do if I see someone breaching planning regulations?

If you think someone is carrying out work without the required permission, or not keeping to the conditions of their planning agreement, you can fill out our planning enforcement complaint form.

When it is clear that regulations have been breached, we will contact the person responsible and look to resolve the situation. See our Planning Enforcement Policy (PDF) [52KB] (opens new window)  for more information.

How do I find out whether a development is within a conservation area?

The Borough has a number of existing buildings and conservation areas which are of significant local interest or importance. Special controls exist over development in conservation areas, including in relation to demolition of buildings, property extensions, garden buildings and works to trees.

You can view a list of designated conservation areas. Alternately, if you have any concerns or questions around whether any planned work is in a conservation area you can contact the Council's Planning Department at

What is a major planning application?

Major planning applications refer to very large developments - more than 10 dwellings, for example. Visit the Planning Portal (opens new window) for more information. We have a number out for consultation currently:

List of major planning applications
ApplicationApplication numberUseful informationNotes
Beach Road - The demolition of the existing buildings and the redevelopment of the site up to 190 dwellings, retail development and holiday accommodation together with associated open space, landscaping and infrastructure.06/15/0441/OClick here to view application (opens new window) 
Pound Lane - Proposed erection of 15 no. dwellings, 3 affordable units included with associated parking and garages, the creation of a footpath from the site access to Main Road along Pound Lane and an attenuation lagoon on site06/18/0631/FClick here to view application (opens new window) 
St Nicholas Drive (land west of) - Residential Development06/19/0099/OClick here to view application (opens new window) 
Repps Road (land north of) - Outline planning application with all matters reserved except access for redevelopment of the site for residential dwellings with new access points, associated landscaping and open space06/18/0149/OClick here to view application (opens new window)Resolution to Approve
137 Mill Road - Redevelopment of site to construct 10 self contained flats and a shop unit06/18/0456/FClick here to view application (opens new window) 
Hall View - Development of site for residential use (up to 13) with proposed means of vehicular access06/18/0315/OClick here to view application (opens new window) 
Former trailer storage yard - Redevelopment of site and the construction of 11 dwellings06/16/0431/FClick here to view application (opens new window)Resolution to Approve
Wild Duck - Proposed change of use to convert existing touring and camping site to form additional 63 static caravans, relocation of existing touring site to provide 75 pitches, new touring services building on part of existing golf course, change of use existing Belton common for new golf course06/17/0745/FClick here to view application (opens new window) 
Northgate Hospital (land adjacent) -Erection of 76 No. residential units with associated parking, site works and drainage06/18/0582/FClick here to view application (opens new window)Resolution to Approve
Wellington Road - Demolition of existing garage and construction of 2 houses and 9 two bedroom flats06/17/0697/FClick here to view application (opens new window) 
5 North Drive - Proposed change of use from hotel to 10 no. residential flats involving extensions and internal alterations06/18/0271/FClick here to view application (opens new window) 
Former Ferryside Building and Land - Development of 8 three bedroomed terraced houses, 6 one bedroomed flats and 30 two bedroomed flats with associated external works06/16/0190/FClick here to view application (opens new window) 
Caraway Drive - Approval of reserved matters for 39 dwellings in phase 2 - Approved under 06/13/0703/O06/18/0501/DClick here to view application (opens new window) 
Emerald Park - Proposed residential development of up to 97 dwellings. Including open space, new and enhanced pedestrian, cycle and vehicular access, associated infrastructure, landscaping and ancillary development. Demolition of existing football stadium and grounds, club house, associated buildings, structures and infrastructure06/18/0707/OClick here to view application (opens new window) 
St Mary's Roman Catholic School - Extension of East Anglian Way and construction of 71 dwellings, car park and drop-off point for adjacent school and construction access from Church Lane06/17/0247/FClick here to view application (opens new window) 
Martham Road (land off) - Proposed residential development of site06/17/0540/OClick here to view application (opens new window) 
15 Hall Quay - Change of use of former bank to mixed use comprising retail/office use ground floor and 11 No residential flats06/18/0580/FClick here to view application (opens new window) 
Staithe Road (land north of) - Construction of 47 energy efficient dwellings, including associated open space, drainage infrastructure, vehicular access and associated highway improvements06/19/0071/FClick here to view application (opens new window) 
New House (land adjacent) - Residential development of 13 dwellings with estate road, private drive, garages and parking06/18/0436/OClick here to view application (opens new window) 
Church Farm (land at) - 1) Full Planning Permission for 150 dwellings including new access points to New Road and Beccles Road. 2) Outline Planning Permission for 450 dwellings including landscaping and boundary treatment06/19/0336/OClick here to view application (opens new window) 

Where can I get Ordnance Survey maps?

You can order Ordnance Survey maps online.

Ordnance Survey (OS) price list
Map typeCoverage (meters)ScalePrice
OS MasterMap A4 (6 copies)32 x 321:200£19.00
OS MasterMap A4 (6 copies)80 x 801:500£19.00
OS MasterMap A4 (6 copies)200 x 2001:1250£32.00
OS MasterMap A4 (6 copies)400 x 400 rural1:2500£32.00
OS MasterMap A4 (6 copies)400 x 400 urban1:2500£64.00
OS VectorMap Local (6 copies)1600 x 16001:10000£32.00

How much does it cost to make an application?

See the Planning Portal's list of application fees (opens new window) for details. 

Administration fees

Administration charges for invalid applications not made valid:

  • All non-major applications with no planning officer input - £50.00
  • Major applications and/or applications where officer input had been required - £100



How is my submitted data used by the Council?

Please read:

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