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Monitoring and evidence

Heritage, culture, tourism and open space evidence

Heritage impact assessment informing draft policy ADA5 (LPP2 Policy CA1) (2020)

This study assesses the impact of Policy CA1 on heritage assets; it informed the content of Policy CA1 of the Local Plan Part 2:

Appropriate land uses in secondary holiday accommodation areas (2007)

This study provides recommendations on land uses within secondary holiday areas and informs Policy GY7 of the Local Plan Part 2:

Playing pitch and outdoor sports strategy (2022)

This strategy is comprised of two documents:

  • an assessment report
  • a strategy and action plan

The strategy sets out a strategic framework to address the issues identified relating to playing pitch provision across Great Yarmouth: 

Open space needs assessment (2022)

This assessment includes an audit of existing open spaces and standards, and assesses where there are surpluses or deficits in open space provision. 

Last modified on 12 January 2023

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