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Renovating your empty home

The 29 Hazards

When considering renting out a property there are hazards you must consider before deciding if your property is suitable. The 29 categories of housing hazard under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (opens new window) are:

  1. Damp and mould growth
  2. Excess cold
  3. Excess heat
  4. Asbestos (and manufactured mineral fibres)
  5. Biocides
  6. Carbon monoxide (CO) and fuel combustion products
  7. Lead
  8. Radiation
  9. Uncombusted fuel gas
  10. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  11. Crowding and space
  12. Entry by intruders
  13. Lighting
  14. Noise
  15. Domestic hygiene pests and refuse
  16. Food safety
  17. Personal hygiene, sanitation and drainage
  18. Water supply
  19. Falls associated with baths
  20. Falling on level surfaces
  21. Falling on stairs etc
  22. Falling between levels
  23. Electrical hazards
  24. Fire
  25. Flames and hot surfaces
  26. Collisions, cuts and strains
  27. Explosions
  28. Position and operability of amenities
  29. Structural collapse and falling elements
Last modified on 08 April 2024

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