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What is anti-social behaviour?

The term anti-social behaviour is used to describe a whole range of behaviour that upsets other people. This can include criminal activity and serious nuisance, as well as less severe but frequent and annoying behaviour.

It can be quite difficult to agree on a definition of anti-social behaviour as we all have different lifestyles, expectations and tolerance levels. However, we believe that every person has a right to enjoy life in their own way, providing they do not adversely affect the lives of those living and working around them.

Examples of anti-social behaviour may include:

  • noise nuisance
  • vandalism and graffiti
  • intimidation and harassment
  • using Council properties to sell or use illegal substances
  • violence
  • racial harassment
  • domestic violence

Common issues that occur on our estates that may NOT constitute anti-social behaviour include:

  • children playing
  • DIY activities
  • smoking
  • lifestyle clashes
  • noise caused by normal living
Last modified on 04 October 2022

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