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Smaller taxi fare rises backed by councillors

Taxi fares around Great Yarmouth will rise by less than previously planned after councillors took on board concerns raised during a public consultation.

Taxi for hire - Credit: TheBlowUp / Unsplash

Fares for hackney carriages - taxis that do not have to be booked in advance - are regulated by local authorities and Great Yarmouth Borough Council last updated the borough's tariff in 2013.

Over the summer taxi users and drivers were asked for their thoughts on plans to update fares for the first time in nine years, as required by the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976.

Feedback during a consultation included support for the updated fares, but concerns were raised by some taxi drivers about the new initial starting price.

Several voiced concerns that this would unfairly hit regular customers - especially shoppers, tourists, and the elderly - wanting shorter journeys. Most fares are based on an initial fee, and then an additional charge based on the length of the journey.

As a result, the licensing committee agreed a revised set of tariffs at its meeting last night, Tuesday, September 20 with a smaller increase to the initial fee.

From October 7, an example six-mile daytime journey will cost £16 rather than the current £14.20, with a night time trip rising from £18.80 to £20.90. Different rates will apply on Sundays and over the Christmas and New Year period.

Councillors also agreed to review the fares again in two years' time.

Last modified on 30 August 2023

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