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Damp and mould

What actions we will take

Sometimes, damp and mould are due to an issue with your property. If you have tried our tips but it is not making a difference, please let us know by calling our repairs contractor Great Yarmouth Norse (GYN) on 0808 264 4444. It could be that we need to carry out some repairs.

Working out what is causing damp or mould in your home isn't always easy. However, it is as much in our interest as it is in yours that damp is treated as soon as possible.

  • We will always ask what you've done to try and manage the issue yourself. This helps us to understand and better diagnose what is going on.
  • We may carry out an inspection to identify the reasons for damp or mould as it can be due to a combination of different reasons.
  • The measures we can take to help you tackle the problem include washing down walls, repairing a leak, installing ventilation and providing dehumidifiers and/or temporary heaters. This may take several visits and inspections for us to diagnose and treat the issue.
  • We may ask other departments to assist, for example to provide advice in relation to fuel poverty or health and wellbeing that may be contributing to the problem of damp and mould in your home.
  • If the issue appears to be with the structure of the building, a specialist surveyor will inspect your home to inform any adaptations we might need to make. Sometimes damp can only be eliminated with ongoing treatment. This can take time and we will keep in regular contact.
Last modified on 22 November 2022

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